September 3, 2018

All new stock offerings are limited quantity. If demo (D) speakers, only one pair or one center or subwoofer available.

N = New in unopened carton                  D = Demo with standard warranty

U = Previously owned

Looking for something special?

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NAD C165BEE Stereo Preamplifier with very good phono stage

$999         $749  D

NAD C275BEE Stereo Power amplifier. Very substantial.

Will drive anything. 410 W/ch IHF Dynamic Power per channel

$1,299      $999  D


Buy together for $1,599. “Save” $149 more. ☺


NAD 316BEE Integrated amp. Highly regarded budget overachiever

Reg. $379     Sale $279  D

NAD D3020 Integrated Amplifiers with USB input

Reg $399       Sale $249  Demo

ADCOM GFA565 preamplifier

$399  U

SONY CDP707ESD CD player with remote. Top performance. Rare.

$1,800          $450  U

 MARANTZ NR1606 AVR 7.2/Atmos/Wifi/Network/BlueTooth /HDCP 2.2 Support

$699        $499  N

YAMAHA RXA770 AV receiver. Dolby Atmos, HDCP 2.2

4k, HDR, WiFi, Bluetooth,Airplay, phono input, Zone 2, more!

Reg $649.       $549  N

*************** SPEAKER  SALE *************


N = New in unopened carton  D = Demo with standard warranty  U = Previously owned

B&W 802D in rosenut finish

Orig $15,000     $7,400   U

B&W 703 Series 1 Excellent

$1500.00 Pair  U

Monitor Audio Silver 8 Gloss Black

Orig. $2,200.00      $1,250.00   U

AUDIOENGINE A2 Powered Speakers     Reg. $249     Sale $199  D

B&W 685s2 bookshelf/stand speaker    Reg. $700     Sale $549  New In Box

B&W 684S2 Floor speaker Reg. $1,150     Sale $799  Demo



CM1 s2    Reg $1,100   Sale $799  N

CM6 s2    Reg $1,999  Sale $1,499 D

CM Centre 2 Gloss Black  Reg. $1,250     Sale $750  U



Reg. $5,000         Sale $3,500  D

<<<<<<<MONITOR AUDIO>>>>>>>

Bronze 6 floor speakers   Reg $1,099   Sale $899  N

Bronze 5 floor speakers   Reg $829      Sale $659  N

MONITOR AUDIO Shadow 50 on-wall speakers (one pair, black)

Reg $1,498        Sale $799  U


C51 Center         $179     Sale $99  N



Prices per pair unless noted otherwise


POLK 90RT In-ceiling speakers     Reg. $500     Sale $350  N

POLK 700LS In-ceiling speakers      Reg. $599     Sale $450  N

POLK 65RT In-wall speakers     Reg. $339     Sale $249  N

POLK TC265 In-wall speakers     Reg. $639.    Sale $329  N

POLK 625RT In-wall speakers     Reg. $249     Sale $199  N

PIONEER S-IW551L In-wall speakers with famous Andrew Jones Coherent Source Tweeter

Reg. $799     Sale $399  N

DEFINITIVE UIW64A In-wall     Reg. $418     $199 D

DEFINITIVE UIWDCS6 In-wall single 2-channel stereo speaker     Reg.$379     Sale $199  N

ROCKUSTICS All-weather Eureve 3.2 with wall brackets (white)     Reg. $390     Sale $275  N

ROCKUSTICS  All-weather Punkrock brown rock speakers     $598     Sale $398  N


DEFINITIVE ProMonitor 1000 compact speaker

$438          $275  D

DEFINITIVE ProMonitor 800 very compact speaker

$290          $199  D

AUDIOQUEST Nighthawk Headphones

$599     Sale $399  N

B&W 804M (Matrix) Black Oak finish. Good condition.

  $999  U

B&W 802D in rosenut finish

Orig $15,000     $7,400   U

B&W FPM5 flat panel On-wall speakers. 1 pair

Reg    $1600      $800   D

B&W FPM4 flat panel on-wall. Makes very good center channel

One (1) speaker         Reg $ 750           $375  D

>>>>>>PROAC Super Tablette. Excellent     Sale $375  U  <<<<<<

THIEL CS1.6 Excellent condition. Black pair

 $2,400    $999 U

Polk TL 3 mini-speaker

$299        $199 N


*********** CD PLAYERS, D to A Converters, etc. *********

SONY CDP707ESD CD player with remote. Top performance. Rare.

$1,800          $450  U

SONY DVP-CX777es 400 disc player SACD/CD/DVD

Orig. $1,800     $299  U

MUSICAL FIDELITY MX DAC. Top performance. Multiple Inputs

Reg $999   Sale $799  N 

*********** TURNTABLES and PHONO STAGES *************

PRO-JECT 1 Xpression turntable with Sumiko Pearl cartridge

$999          $749  D   SOLD


Reg  $450      Sale $299  D

 **************TABLETOP MUSIC PLAYERS**************

BOWERS & WILKINS A5 Wireless Airplay speaker. Great sound

Reg $499         Sale $349  New

BOSE Soundtouch 20 portable AC/DC, wireless with internet radio presets

Reg $399         Sale $299  New

MONITOR AUDIO S300 Wireless powered speaker

Airplay, aux, Ios

Reg $499         Sale $349  New


PLEASE NOTE: Updated regularly (see date above)

but please call first to confirm availability.


ALL SPEAKERS are one (1) pair unless otherwise noted.

Subwoofers and center speakers are one (1) speaker.

We are a factory Authorized Dealer for all listed stock and demo items.

Standard warranty applies to all new and demo purchases. “NIB” indicates New In Box.

This list contains a combination of New In Box, Demo units and previously owned and are so noted.

All Demo units are typically in very good condition and

come with standard manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise noted.

Ask for details of the warranty. Previously owned units are guaranteed. Ask for details.

NOTE: An asterisk (*) indicates that the item is available IN-STORE ONLY or for DELIVERY

within a reasonable distance of Baltimore. Call for details.

All sales are final unless otherwise noted. We make a reasonable effort to keep this page current but

occasionally a unit gets sold and not immediately removed.

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