All new stock offerings are limited quantity. If demo (D) only one available or one pair or set if speakers.

N = New in unopened carton                  D = Demo with standard warranty

U = Previously owned

December 16, 2017

McIntosh MC7270 power amp. 270 w/channel  $2,500  U

McIntosh C46 preamp controller center  $2,600   w/box, manual, remote. U

McIntosh MR85 tuner  $1,000 inc AM module w/box and manual. U

Marantz AV7703 AV preamp/processor. Dolby Atmos, 11.2 processing, Heos, Eight 4K HDMI inputs 

       3-year warranty                                                                               Reg $2,199    Sale $1,299  Demo

Marantz NR1606 AVR 7.2/Atmos/Wifi/Network/BlueTooth        $699        $499  N

Yamaha RXv750 receiver with remote 100w/channel                     $599       $169 U

Marantz SR-8300 6.1  120w/chan x 6. Serious substance.             $1,700    $299  U


B&W CM S2 SERIES   N=New in box.  D =  Demo

CM1s2    Reg $1,100   Sale $875  N

CM5s2    Reg $1,599   Sale $1,199  D

CM8s2   Reg $2,400   Sale $1,899  D  

CM10s2  Reg $3,999  Sale $2,999  D


Silver 6 floor speakers       Reg $1,499  Sale $1,099 D

Bronze 6 floor speakers    Reg $1,099   Sale $825  N

Bronze 5 floor speakers    Reg $829      Sale $625  N



Conrad-Johnson ET3 preamp. Refined, neutral. $2,999       $1,899 D

NAD C375BEE integrated amp 150 w per channel. $1,499      $999  New in box

Rotel RC1570 preamp with digital in/USB/iPhone input/phono input.    $999     $749  D

Sony CDP-C67es 5-disc CD player        $380     $99  U

Sony DVP-CX777es 400 disc player SACD/CD/DVD    $175  U


SPEAKERS (One pair unless center speaker or subwoofer)

B&W 802 Nautilus. Good condition. Rosenut finish                        $4,500  U

B&W 685. Black finish. Excellent condition.                     $650        $325  U

B&W 804M (Matrix) Black Oak finish. Good condition.                 $999  U

B&W FPM5 flat panel On-wall speakers.                 Reg    $1600      $800   D   

Thiel CS1.6 Excellent condition. Black                                 $2,400    $1,100 U

Definitive Gem, silver. Slim shelf or on-wall                      $ 558       $299 D
Definitive CS8040HD center speaker                                   $499        $199  N
Polk TS3 mini-speaker                                                                $299        $199 D

Rockustics PunkRock outdoor rock speakers (1 Pr)       $578        $399 N

Niles OS25 white all weather speakers/brkts (1 pr)         $499       $349 N                                    


Gemini XL-DD30 with new Ortofon cartridge                                  $99   U

VPI Scout Jr turntable with Ortofon Red cartridge     $1,599     $1,299 D

Dual 505 with new Ortofon cartridge. Used                                       $


PLEASE NOTE: Updated regularly (see date above) but please call first to confirm availability.

ALL SPEAKERS are one (1) pair unless otherwise noted. Subwoofers and center speakers are one (1) speaker. We are a factory Authorized Dealer for all listed stock and demo items. Standard warranty applies to all new and demo purchases. “NIB” indicates New In Box.

This list contains a combination of New In Box, Demo units and previously owned and are so noted.  All Demo units are typically in very good condition and come with standard manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise noted. Ask for details of the warranty. Previously owned units are guaranteed. Ask for details.

NOTE: An asterisk (*) indicates that the item is available IN-STORE ONLY or for our DELIVERY within a reasonable distance of Baltimore. Call for details.

All sales are final unless otherwise noted. We make a reasonable effort to keep this page current but occasionally a unit gets sold and not immediately removed. Call.

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