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Rega Now at Soundscape-save big on the P1 Plus!

Thats right, we now have Rega,

We have multiple items on display for demo and can get anything they make, so if you’re looking for something just ask!

Right now The Planar1 Plus with integrated MMPhono Stage is on Special for only $475.00, Regularly $595.00!

Pair it with Powered speakers for a simple yet awesome Hi-Fi system, or use it with equipment that doesn’t have a phono input.

Rega has engineered the convenience of a built-in phono stage with their award-winning Planar 1 and gives up nothing in sonic performance. No other turntable simplifies and reduces setup while delivering superb definition and agile response.

The Planar 1 Plus is the key that opens the door to true music reproduction for the entry level Hi-Fi convert.

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